AMAC was founded as a barrel electro zinc and phosphating company and continues to provide these processes as well as electro zinc/nickel. Today the industry requires not only performance based coatings, but also environmentally friendly finishes. AMAC provides its customers with a wide variety of hexavalent chrome-free zinc finishes as well as conversion coatings and torque modifying lubricants. AMAC is proud to have co-developed AMACOAT FD, an electro zinc coating with a topcoat applied, which is approved for the stringent requirements of GMW3044 codes T and G.

AMAC has developed AMASEAL, a proprietary glossy black sealer topcoat applied over either electro zinc or electro zinc/nickel, which improves appearance and provides enhanced corrosion resistance. AMAC supplies multiple color dyes to zinc plating for part identification purposes.

AMAC is the only approved licensed applicator of MacDermid Enthone, Inc.’s Zinklad 250  and Zinklad 1000 in Northeast Ohio. AMAC is also proud to be the only approved applicator of the Ford S437 finish in NE Ohio. Zinklad 250 is an enhanced salt spray zinc process and Zinklad 1000 is an electro zinc nickel alloy available in clear or black which can exceed 1000 hour salt spray corrosion requirements.

As a MacDermid Enthone licensee we supply JS500, TNT 12, TNT 15, F103, and Finigard F105 post process sealants, lubricants, and torque modifiers to meet application specific performance requirements. AMAC supplied finishes meet all EU End of Life Vehicle Directives.

AMAC can engineer special topcoats over phosphate, zinc, or zinc nickel substrates to meet unique and demanding application needs. We offer a wide variety of sealants and torque modifiers to meet exact OEM requirements.

Please refer to our specification guides for further details. This list is constantly being updated so please contact our sales department if you have any questions.