AMAC is the premier metal processing company serving the fastener and stamping industry in the United States. Our single-source single location operation will save you time and money. AMAC’s cross-discipline expertise will assist you in solving difficult application or design issues.

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Custom Engineered Finishes

Production Specialties

Dip Spin Coating
We are approved to provide a wide variety of engineered high specification coatings which meet critical OEM specifications. We are proud licensees of Magni Industries Inc. and NOF Metal Coatings Inc. We are one of a very few companies that can apply these coatings directly over Zn/Ni and Zn substrates in house.
AMAC is a Zinklad 1000 (zinc-nickel) licensee of Macdermid Enthone Inc. We are proud that we have been electroplating for over 70 years. AMAC can provide a multitude of post treatment coatings to meet your unique coefficient of friction or corrosion requirements.
Heat Treating
We provide neutral through hardening on two large capacity computer-controlled mesh belt furnaces which were designed to minimize part damage and part entrapment. We have been meeting critical OEM heat-treating specifications since 1958.
AMAC has one large automated phosphating line to meet a variety of customer coating needs. The lines can produce up to a total of 550,000 pounds per day of fasteners and stampings.
Electronic Sorting
AMAC’s laser, optical, and eddy current Mectron sorting lines are designed for bolts and certain studs or rivets. We provide simple low-cost foreign material sorting up to 360° laser defect detection. Eddy current (magnetic) sorting can be used to validate part hardness. Our sorting lets you ship your product with confidence.
AMAC has automated ¼ keg piece count carton packaging and or manual scale weight packaging. Customers or AMAC can supply the boxes, pallets, or labels. Simple manual bulk packaging up to automatic accurate piece count packaging is available to your needs.

Founded as a barrel electroplating company in 1951 AMAC became the first vertically integrated barrel plating, phosphating, and heat-treating operation in the United States. Today, AMAC services customers and OEM’s on four continents. Our vertically integrated process capabilities save our customers time, money, and simplify communications and responsibilities.

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