Sorting and Packaging : About Inspek, Inc.
When Quality Is A Must... Inspek
Provides fastener quality control with the most advanced inspection equipment.

AMAC works in conjunction with Inspek, Inc. to provide electronic and vision sorting when you need critical inspection or certification of parts. Inspek is located less than a quarter of a mile from our docks. AMAC will pick up and deliver parts to Inspek so you can integrate these capabilities with the services of AMAC.

Inspek Provides:

• 360° laser inspection to blue print tolerances.
• Eddy Current hardness and defect detection.
• Head burst detection.
• Vision sorting to blue print tolerances.
• Foreign material sort.
• Electronic part counting and packaging.
• Manual sorting for stampings, nuts, plastic
   components and color verification.

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 Fax: 216-898-1313


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