Processes : Dip Spin Coating and Organics

          We offer a wide variety of Engineered coating applications. Our dip spin coating systems include organic and inorganic finishes, solvent and water based coatings. We provide chromium-free and hexavalent chrome-free alternatives to meet not only environmental concerns, but also your application needs. AMAC can provide you with a wide range of approved finishes to meet varying coefficients of friction, torque tension, salt spray and cyclic testing requirements.
         AMAC uses computer controlled continuous dip spin coating lines. Dip spin coating is a process whereby bulk products such as fasteners, nuts, bolts, screws, clamps and small stampings are located into mesh baskets, submerged in the coating solution and then spun to remove excess material. The coated product moves directly onto continuous belt curing ovens.
         The thickness and coverage is directly controlled via precise recipes developed for each part. Prior to the coating process parts may require a cleaning or application of a substrate which facilitates bonding and ensures proper corrosion resistance.
We are licensed applicators of:
  • Magni Industries, Inc.
  • NOF Metal Coatings North America
  • Northern Coatings and Chemical Company, Inc.
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